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canaries grew in the pots
which stood in the stairway
of the abandoned house

the canaries were watered out of the well
a back cat was stalking them
but perhaps he was white makes no difference

then one day
as we were studying the innards
of a cello
(there were numerous fascinating things inside:
a rubik’s cube, books and cartridge cases)

on the very same day
the black or white cat
broke into tears
comically wiping his eyes
with the dirty paws

and one of the canaries
the one that grew in the finest pot
“give me to him
let him calm down”

so the cat ate all the canaries
and then the house became really abandoned

soon afterwards
there was hell to pay for the broken cello
and the cat died
on account of a disastrous leap for a sparrow

translated by oksana maksymchuk

the original poem