Drink from a fist, drink from a bone, drink from a palm of a hand,
wrap your lips around an ear of a needle, a uterus of a flower, a honeycomb of a sieve.
Drink from a well, drink from a breast, be the first to get filled,
drink from your own wound, drink from a wound of a stranger.

The savior will never arrive. Try riding the turtle-lyre.
Its shell is covered in writing, the turtle is wise.
It halts the motions of the planets, it pushes apart defenses,
chews a leaf with a toothless mouth, burrows passages through time.

Drink slowly, drink quickly, if you wish, you may not drink at all.
Haul up water in a nutshell, split it equally with a neighbor.
Blessed are the meek and the thirsty in happiness and in woe.
Drink, for the wells will freeze. Fall is right under your nose.

translated by oksana maksymchuk

the original poem